Now what? What’s your why?

There’s an interesting thing that happens when people reach goals. People tend to stop what they were doing once it’s reached. I once heard a speaker talk about marathon runners and how a good portion of 1st time runners never run a marathon again after their first one.

Running 26.2 miles is no easy task. If it was, there would be little effort that would need to be put in to accomplishing one. I mean we’re talking working out 5-6 times a week, long runs, strength training, nutrition changes, and countless hours of blood, sweat and tears.

This doesn’t just happen with running. It happens with all sorts of health and wellness goals. Losing weight. Eating healthier. Getting more active. You name it. So why do we tend to throw it all away after we’ve accomplished a significant goal?

Well, research says it’s typically a few reasons:

  1. There was no new goal set:  You’ve worked so hard accomplishing the current goal that you haven’t thought about what’s next. What is going to be the next goal you achieve? It doesn’t need to be something big but how will you hold yourself accountable so you continue your journey?downgrade your dream.jpg
  2. A habit hasn’t been formed yet:  We are the sum of our daily habits. We are what we repeatably do. Have you heard these sayings before? Whether it’s food, fitness or just overall well-being, we have to continue our daily habits and be consistent for us to maintain what we’ve earned. If you are looking to learn more about habits, James Clear and Gretchen Ruben are great authors to look for.
  3. The real “why” isn’t there: Why did you start your initial goal to begin with? All of us have a deeper meaning to why we set health and wellness goals other to lose weight or complete a race. There’s a deeper mental reason as to why we are motivated to do things. Is it to make your family proud? Is it to finally feel good about the body you’re in? Is it to prove to everyone that told you it couldn’t be done that it can? WHAT IS IT? Search deep within yourself and I know there’s a “why” there. Find it!

Now, get moving!