Wellness Profile: Dr. Leah

Ever wonder how the Spencer Chiropractic & Wellness Team stays on track with fitness and nutrition? Periodically we’ll each share how we manage to stay on track. Here’s a look at Dr. Leah’s Wellness Profile.

What type of fitness do you enjoy? Why?

Dr. Leah with her mom, Pat and sister-in-law, Katy at Sacred Heart’s Run for the Son 5K/10K.

My first love will always be the team sports that I started playing as a kid and continued throughout college and today- volleyball and softball.  I thrive on competition and I am very confident with my abilities on the court and on the field (probably too confident sometimes).  It doesn’t even feel like a workout at the time but I definitely feel it afterwards.  I also enjoy pushing myself and accomplishing something that isn’t easy for me, like a triathlon or 10K.

How do you stay on track with nutrition? What are your favorite healthy foods? What guidelines do you live by?

I stay on track with nutrition by planning ahead.  I bought a chalkboard for our kitchen and try to plan out the week.  Of course it never goes the way I plan it, but at least I have a plan in place.  My favorite healthy foods are buffalo chicken salads, roasted veggies especially Brussels sprouts, and the domesticman.com’s chicken nuggets, which are just like Chick-fil-a but better for you.

What’s the biggest motivator for you to stay on your health and wellness journey? How do you stay focused?

Dr. Lee & Dr. Leah with their two kids, Tyler (5) & Jenna (3).

I have a couple motivating factors for me to stay focused on exercising and healthy eating. The first is my family.  More than anything I want my kids, especially my daughter, to learn from me that it’s not about being skinny, it’s about loving yourself so much that you want to respect it by exercising and eating healthy foods that fuel us.   The second motivating factor is the profession I chose.  I believe that I have a responsibility to my patients- if I am going to talk the talk, I need to walk the walk.  I can’t expect people to take me seriously and listen to what I have to say if I don’t follow my own advice and teachings.

Having a specific goal really helps me out, because then I have something to reach for.  I am also loving the challenge groups that our office does.  Having that extra support really helps to motivate me to stay on track.

Good luck on your journey –

Dr. Leah

Life: A Not So Balanced Act

Let’s be honest. We’ve got a lot of responsibilities and a lot of pressures as adults.

Jobs. Bills. Budgets. Family. Friends. Healthy Eating. Exercising. Doctor’s Appointments. Deadlines. Events. Evening Activities. Cooking. Cleaning.

Are you exhausted or overwhelmed yet? 
Then we read articles or see news features on these men or women (especially women) who seemingly have it all together or “balance” it all. I would find myself trying these strategies at home and work and then feeling bad because I wasn’t “balancing” the way that society told me to do it. How crazy is this?work-life balance

Why do we continually compare ourselves to unrealistic expectations? Or expectations that don’t fit our lifestyle? I was sitting in a meeting where the head of the department had us do an exercise about balance. We had to pick between two options (early bird or night owl, 40 hours a week or 8:00-4:30, projects or tasks, etc.). Once she gave us the two options, we had to go to one side of the room or the other for which option fit us best. As the group picked each answer, it started to become very apparent that all of us were SO different in what worked best for us. Of course, that was her point. 🙂

I remember her saying, “Balance is different for everyone. You have to look at yourself and decide what balance looks like for you. Never compare yourself to others. As long as you work hard and do your job, we will support whatever balance works best for you.”

What an incredibly freeing feeling. I had never thought about it that way. She told us to ask ourselves one question anytime we felt overwhelmed with our personal and professional lives, “Where is the most important place I should be?” If it’s being with a sick kid who needs his mommy, be there. If it’s staying up a little late after putting the kids to bed to finish an important project, do it. If it’s having a much needed date night with my husband and getting a sitter for the kids, schedule it.

Is it “balanced” this way? Ha! Never. I don’t even use the word balance anymore. It’s life! Period. Explanation Point. End of story. Be where you are needed most.

And frankly…I wouldn’t have it any other way.