Being Healthy Is Not The Norm

I was recently talking with one of our Ideal Protein clients about the world that we live in today. She mentioned the temptations that are around us and how everyone seems to give her a hard time when she is eating healthy at social events. I remember looking at her and saying, “What you are doing is not normal. Being healthy, unfortunately, is not considered the norm in today’s society. You have to focus on why YOU are doing this and forget about what the rest of the world thinks.” She immediately nodded her head and said, “Yes! That’s so true!”

Think about it. Have you walked down the aisles of grocery stores lately? Entered a gas station? Passed by a fast food restaurant? We are surrounded by junk! Chips, candy bars, soda, cookies, cakes, and processed food galore! There are so many horrible choices around us that it’s no wonder we have an obesity problem in this country. Sometimes as I’m walking through the store with my kids, I just get frustrated because I know we can do better and be better.

And here’s the icing on the cake (no pun intended)…

Once someone realizes they are ready to make a lifestyle change, they are bombarded with all these different choices on how they should or should not lose weight. We have literally never been taught what foods we should eat and how our body loses fat. In next week’s blog, I’ll write a little more about how your body loses fat. 


All we obsess with is the rapid transformation, the quick fix and the skinny pictures of people we see on TV and social media. We are bombarded with images of unrealistic bodies and how we “should” look when we lose weight. 35c44ebdc2fc5d86f9aac17c51f03198

FACT: You were created uniquely and differently than everyone else on Earth. Embrace it! We all have different body types. We all lose weight differently. Think about what makes YOU feel healthy. Don’t let others judge you for making healthy choices. This is your opportunity to educate and be different. Normal nowadays is unhealthy…be weird!

I love this quote because it’s so true! Would you rather make healthy choices and feel good from the inside out OR look in the mirror every day and not like what you see? You are so worth it! Stick to your plan and I PROMISE you’ll see results.

Have a great rest of the week!


*Ideal Protein is the weight loss and weight maintenance method we use here at the clinic. It was actually designed by a group of doctors and focuses on cutting down on carbohydrates so your body can get into fat burning mode. It is scientifically backed and we’ve seen incredible results!

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