We Are the Sum of Our Daily Habits

I read an article a long time ago about habit formation and found it completely fascinating. It basically talked about the habit formation cycle (pictured below) and the fact that everything we become is the sum of our daily habits.

How do you become fit and healthy? The sum of your daily habits.

How do you find happiness and contentment? The sum of your daily habits.

How do you become a healthy eater? The sum of your daily habits.

“You are what you repeatedly do.”

I’ve struggled the past couple weeks with healthy eating. I do fine with breakfast and lunch. Then dinner hits and I eat things I wouldn’t normally eat. At first, I was having a hard time pointing my finger to why I was doing this. Then, I realized a few different things.

  1. My meal prepping and planning was not on point liked it normally is. The weekend is usually meal prep time and it’s safe to say the last few weekends had gotten away from me. Meal prepping saves so much time and headaches. I realize this even more when I’m not prepared!
  2. There were sweets in the house. I’m a firm believer that if you know it’s a temptation for you; don’t buy it! If it’s there, you are more likely to eat it. Let’s face it. If you don’t need it, the rest of your family doesn’t need it either. They may not like you for it sometimes but it’s for their own good!
  3. We always tell our weight loss clients to take it one meal at a time. I wasn’t doing that. I was starting to mesh all my meals up together and say to myself, “Well, I already had a bad snack this afternoon so that gives me permission to have a not so healthy supper.” Eating healthy is a mental game you are going to play with yourself for the rest of your life. One bad meal isn’t going to mess up your goals. Now…A whole week of bad meals could start to take down the wrong course.
  4. I was letting food be my boredom activity. You know that feeling where you are in the house and you start to look through the cabinets like gold is hidden in there somewhere? Yeah…that’s boredom. Walk away from the kitchen and find an activity to do. If it’s really bad, leave the house and do something! Except go to a restaurant or gas station. : ) Go for a walk. Take a bike ride somewhere. Go for a drive with your family. Visit a park. Do a crafting project with your kids. Do what you gotta do to avoid the temptation! Worst case scenario: Ask yourself, “Am I hungry enough to eat broccoli?” If the answer is yes, have some broccoli! If no, you’re not hungry, you’re just bored! Sometimes dehydration is disguised as hunger. Have a glass of water and see how you feel afterwards.

So, here I am being TOTALLY honest with you about my journey AND committing to starting fresh. It’s a new week. I’ve got my meal prepping and planning under control. My daily habits are in check to make good decisions. The good news? I’ve been crushing my workouts. Now it’s time to focus on both!

Here’s a link to the article I read: http://jamesclear.com/three-steps-habit-change

habit formation



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